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Professor Jingxia Shi

Professor SHI Jingxia is the Dean and Professor (international business & economic law) at China University of International Business & Economics (UIBE) Law School. She also serves as the Director of UIBE International Law Institute (ILI) and UIBE Research Center for Unification of Commercial Law (RCUCL). Dean Shi earned her B.A & LL.B in 1992, Ph.D in International Law (1998) from Wuhan University, China. Then she began her teaching career at UIBE Law School in August 1998 and was granted tenure professorship in late 2002. She also holds LL.M degree (2007) and J.S.D degree (2011) from Yale Law School. She has been a member of New York Bar since June 2012, a member of Chinese Bar Association since 1999. She has been retaining extensive practical and research interests in the areas of international trade and investment law with abundant publications involving trade in services and cross-border insolvency both in English and Chinese. She is frequently counselled both by Chinese government agencies and large companies. 

Her full profile is available at: http://law.uibe.edu.cn